We can cure ourselves of any disease. A disease is the result of a chain of events that has been repetitive for too long. A teaching waiting for you to integrate it.

We have the capacity to alleviate pain and become healthier and happier. Although we all are creatures of habits by nature, we sometimes only need a little help to find the courage to be reborn. To treat ourselves and others with more respect and compassion...


Over the course of a two-hour session, I propose an analysis of the current state of the Self, gathering all vibrational information, translating it into intelligible words and linking them to past and present facts. This study allows a deeper understanding of one's identity, potential, spheres of influences and evolutive processes. When there is a disease or any unresolved issue, specific guidance will be provided to be able to act upon it...


From a multicultural background with both my parents born in Africa, I have been raised in an international environment and exposed to languages since the beginning. Very sensitive, very often singing and dancing, always observing and analyzing my surroundings, I very early took an interest in the Why and the How of Life. During day time, I would spend a lot of time in Nature playing, trying to understand the reality of all creatures. Some seemed to have such a hard life, I would notice, whereas others seemed to have more comfort...


Humans and their behaviors have always fascinated me. Thus, I have been observing, feeling and analyzing my surroundings and all kinds of relationships since a very early age. As the impact of our organized societies on everything around us has always been obvious, my need to be aware of their origins and development was concurrent with the hope of universal happiness...

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