Humans and their behaviors have always fascinated me. Thus, I have been observing, feeling and analyzing my surroundings and all kinds of relationships since a very early age. As the impact of our organized societies on everything around us has always been obvious, my need to be aware of their origins and development was concurrent with the hope of universal happiness. I can easily state that the motivation behind my current activity is due to a deep interest for social institutions and a strong desire to promote true symbiosis and harmonious mutualism. Seeing through society to understand its workings consequently became a philosophical necessity to actively pertain to the modern world. As the knowledge collected at school was largely inadequate, it has always been through physical sensations that I have learned the most. Around certain places, specific people, in contact with food, animals, music, sensations would differ in vividness and intensities and leave some trace. I soon began to organize this immaterial knowledge and organize my choices accordingly.


Hence, I could say that all my life has been based on the assumption that living beings emit a perceptible energy field.  It very soon appeared to me that some humans seemed to be more sensitive to it than others, without clearly understanding why. From then, having reached teenagehood, two main questions arose.
- How can that be confirmed by science?
- Should it be confirmed by science?
As a scientist, I have always liked precision and immensely valued explanations. But most scientists I have met also have the humility to recognize that we know almost nothing in comparison to all there is. Certainly, the laws of modern physics and biology could explain a lot about living organisms, their structure and dynamics, as well as some basic interactions, thus able to give an approximate definition of a living being. Considering a human as an individual entity subsequently lies at the centre of  all modern medicine and rules of society. However, human beings not only define themselves biologically and anatomically, but also in psychological, social, and spiritual terms. Therefore, when it comes to soothing pain, healing diseases or understanding the root of them, one should take into account all spheres of influences and their resulting dissonances.


Using nowadays scientific consensus, studying all dimensions of a living being at once would be an impossible task. At this point, each and every one of us have to make a choice. Either decide to rely only on what has been thoroughly proven, or to accept to enter a realm of unsure concepts, guided by physical sensations and intuition, and acceptation that repeated practice can enhance the effects.


In the case of my work, I have asserted that not only a living being can be represented by a cluster of vibrational information that can be accessed and understood, but that such an energy field also contains past and future information. In my experience, I can even add that every event and interaction in the life of a human being is recorded.

As I have trained myself to feel, express and analyze, then suggest a solution, there was only one possible epistemological foundation to my readings. To carefully collect and post analyze all data in order to compare my observations to actual facts. Proof after proof, I carefully allowed myself to act as an interpreter more and more.


To this day, I have analyzed over 400 people, more than half of them having a disease of some sort. I preciously keep their records as well as an immense database linking many variables together. Sociologically speaking, I have interested myself and collected information such as the influences of :

- group and family settings
- ethnic affiliation
- environment
- education
- religion
- materialism
- names
- numbers
- birthdates
- addictions
- sexuality
- nutrition
- media
- music and arts
- breathing techniques
- ....


And this only the beginning of my life long research.