From a multicultural background with both my parents born in Africa, I have been raised in an international environment and exposed to languages since the beginning. Very sensitive, very often singing and dancing, always observing and analyzing my surroundings, I very early took an interest in the Why and the How of Life. During day time, I would spend a lot of time in Nature playing, trying to understand the reality of all creatures. Some seemed to have such a hard life, I would notice, whereas others seemed to have more comfort. My instinctive career to soothe and help those in difficulties had only begun. I saw myself as a devoted knight on a mission. As I have always been singing and humming to reconnect to my center, I developed a keener interest for instrumental music, which uplifted my strength and could very easily have a soothing impact on grief and even on plants and animals. Sometimes giant, sometimes dwarf, I could interact with other beings and communicate without words, through feelings, images or vibration. Very young then, I was aware of how actively I could change the course of a day and the mood of all surrounding me.


I then received a big thick book, the dictionary of chemistry. Everything was there for me to go one step beyond. This invisible world fascinated me. For long hours, I would read and take in all I could about knowledge and every writer's personal approach to stories. Connecting dots between poetry, imagination, reality and the feelings these realms could germinate. During night time, the space of dreams would thus open wide doors of perceptions and endless possibilities that would allow me to create my own reality. Already then, I was very well aware of what was wrong around me and would already try every night to find a solution and use my imagination to build new structures of reactions.


The second past life I reconnected with was also one of a fighter. A very swift, noble artist of a Chinese martial art based on Taoism, the first philosophy I felt strongly connected to. Advocating for humility and religious piety, I realized that one could fight with compassion, frugality and humility. With great pleasure, I was receiving images and scenes of such great harmony and mastery of one's body. I was mesmerized by the body's capacity to train itself to a perfect gesture, a thoughtless efficiency, back to an animal's fluidity. In parallel, practicing sports had helped me realize the power of breathing. I realized that the martial artist's secret to a such a collected attitude was the control of the breath and the mind together.


Therefore, at 15 years old, I decided to take my life into hands and leave home. The same week, I found a job, a singing teacher and a Chinese martial art's class. I entered a high school that offered a special curriculum, Languages and Music, that allowed me to be active in both. I had already practiced Italian and German at school and loved the variety of sounds a language can produce. Years before, I had learned a Japanese song, "Sakura", that reconnected me with many lives in Japan. Even without speaking it nor understanding it, I could feel the language and I would have many visions of bits and pieces of this incredibly unique country. Through them, I had many sensations of softness and delicacy, as the touch of a feather on the inside of my flesh.


The practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi offered me the same sensation. Little by little, year after year, working on directing the breath through the organs and different body areas, I learned about my inside, the always present yet invisible part of the physical Self. I could feel my personality transformed by this reconnection, bringing my true self back to the natural, simple, spontaneous ways. During my teenage years, I therefore followed a very strict schedule of including Taoist meditations, regular classes, singing classes and working. I had little time for what most consider pleasure oriented activities, as I felt more satisfaction developing concentration, mindfulness, contemplation, and visualization.


At 20 years old, I decided to learn more about Science and the origin of this enthralling reality. I entered the Faculty of Science at the University of Geneva, more precisely the Physics Department, ready to broaden my vision of the Why and the How. After having acquired solid bases in Mathematics and all fields of Modern Physics, I specialized in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Observatory of Geneva. Over these seven years of studies, I had a much clearer vision of the subtended complexity of Life.


I began teaching Science while in University, always linking what I had learned with different philosophies. The contact with the students of all ages, nationalities and religions helped me understand the need of young people in modern life. Their main concern had to do with understanding the world so that they could be a part of it. Have an impact on it and find their unique way. They needed a philosophy that could make them want to be a part of the system. Rather than purely mathematical, I understood that knowledge is better conveyed with a vision of what reality and existence potentially are, without the latter needing to be validated by science as an absolute reference.


On a physical level, I was more and more able to detect movements, alterations and specific densities radiating from the electromagnetic field of a living being. Over the years, I had taken interest in a wide array of techniques that helped me link my feelings to an actual communicable thought. I became more and more able to pinpoint the source of the cause-to-effect relations which make life on Earth a somehow linear experience of accumulating repetitive patterns. In other words, our repetitive behaviors create part of our reality.


Having developed a great sensitivity to the Chi, the Chinese name for vital energy or life force, I could feel it flow not only through my own body but in all things around. Also, I had a very particular capacity to open myself to other realities and make them known. This combined with all levels of Physics tremendously helped me understand and visualize the energetical structure of a human being. An immensely complex network through which we can navigate, collect information and project energy using the Mind. I began understanding how all living beings communicate with one another without language. Reading one another and sending back a proper response. Through thoughts and emotions, meditation and intention.


Thus, after 7 years of teaching science to youngsters, I opened a practice in 2010 to help people have a better understanding of who they are by analyzing their vibration and suggesting some guidance. A reading of their current state and needs. Using intelligible words to express what lies at an invisible level, I am helping them unveil their own ways. Once the mind can identify and visualize, life situations can actually change more easily as it can take any undesirable matter in charge.


Nowadays, I dedicate my life to the inner and outer research. Mens sana in corpore sano - A sound mind in a sound body. Integrating chaotic human tendencies and impermanence into the constant search of a harmonious life. Evolving with the World as it transforms itself and needs me to be reborn with it, each day more conscious and grateful to be a part of this mindboggling adventure of Life on this planet Earth.