Over the course of a two-hour session, I propose an analysis of the current state of the Self, gathering all vibrational information, translating it into intelligible words and linking them to past and present facts. This study allows a deeper understanding of one's identity, potential, spheres of influences and evolutive processes. When there is a disease or any unresolved issue, specific guidance will be provided to be able to act upon it.


The first session is quite particular as it can bring out a lot of information. Here is how it works:

1. I first connect to the actual energy states of the mind, the body, the heart and after scanning, translate into understandable words all information that lies there. Blockages, potential, actual and resolved issues, specificity of the aura shape are looked into.

2. In order to fully understand the vibrational shape of the soul, I then connect to all information that participated build its personality on earth. After establishing the family tree, I examine in details transfers, education, life experiences, bonds from past lives, current relationships and circle of influences, past influences and trauma, poles of attraction, natural tendencies and codes of conduct.

3. Then comes a thorough study of the life cycles and past and future events, soul mission and soul family clusters. This function allows me to explain the reasons why the vibration is as such in the present time.

4. Calculation of the differential between the path of the soul on earth in the 4 dimensional reality and in the absolute referendum: this step is crucial in my analysis, as it will allow me to visualize the necessary steps one could take in order to reunite the material self with the higher self - from personality to identity.

5. Not a mandatory step, but sometimes a cleansing or opening is needed, using a tuning fork, prayers and/or sacred chants.

After this first analysis, I recommend an integration of at least a month, sometimes many months. In the case of a particular disease, the frequency is adapted to the self-healing treatment.